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Singapore Airlines

What follows is a recent email correspondence to Singapore Airlines regarding a complaint filed to them and their response from the Customer Affairs Manager …

Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 17:23:40 -0500
Subject: Re: Feedback on Singapore Airlines ( Ref No : 110903062/CR/YP )

Dear Ms Lee,

Thank you for your email.

I must stress the importance of this matter, as a criminologist I have spent many years and many hours conducting surveillance on individuals. There is no mistake in what I saw, and I do not believe what your staff member is saying …”that she was scratching, an itchy nose”, I know what I saw, and I know the difference between scratching a nose and sticking your finger in one’s nose and leaving it there for a considerable amount of time, whilst walking through the food area.

I do appreciate your return email to me, but this is not the first time I have had to complain, about certain things… i refer now to a safety issue on a certain flight, to which my correspondence of concern were brushed away.

I would suggest that staff at Singapore airlines check out my website in order to understand who I am and where I am coming from.

As a regular passenger since 1965, when the airline was still merged with Malaysian airline, I have formed a trusted opinion about the standard and care and safety SAA. Which is what every traveller really wants.

I appreciate your good gift of double mileage, but I am seriously concerned about “my” standing with SAA. After all it is my hard-earned dollars which pay for the service.

I have attached a copy of some documents I wrote to Singapore airlines previously, and a further document, which outlines why I wrote to SAA and follow-up on complaints.

If you look back over the years I have also taken the time to write in compliments about outstanding staff and why I think the service is good. As such you would know that my writings are equally for complaints and compliments. Which brings me to the next issue of my most recent flight.

On the 18 sep 2011, I was on flight SQ241, and I must say on this flight most outstanding in quality service was 1FS. CHOO HING KOK; LS.FOO WEN HUEE and FSS. CHUA KIT YEN. I think that the Vice president of Customer service should know that these staff were most diligent in their work and extremely professional, making the flight an enjoyable one, which is the standard I am use to from SAA.

In addition, I would like to compliment the airline on the exceptional fine quality of food that was served on this flight, fine dinning in the air….again most outstanding and well done by your catering staff.

I would expect however that the actions of your staff (ground staff in the lounge picking her nose) would meet with more than a stern warning.

I am a very well-travelled person and accustomed to many minority cultures, and understand that in some places in the world that this type of behaviour is acceptable, but would end this email by saying, it is my opinion that this type of behaviour is not acceptable for SAA.

Christian PW Faust – FLSS

The reply to the above email follows below…

On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 23:41:56 +0800,
wrote: VIA EMAIL
Email :
Mr Christian Paul Faust
20 September 2011

Dear Mr Faust,

We are following up on an incident that occurred at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Business Class Lounge before your flight on SQ241 on 18 September 2011 to Sydney.

We are concerned to learn of your disappointing experience at the lounge due the staff on duty was picking her nose.

Having checked with our Premium Passenger Services Manager, she advised that the staff was trying to wipe her nose as her nose itched. Nonetheless, we have conveyed your observations on the staff’s action to our Premium  Passenger Services Manager. She will stress to the staff concerned on the  importance  of adhering and exercising high personal hygiene standards when carrying  out her duties.

With reference to inserting which terminal of Changi Airport your  flight is departing from in the confirmation email, our Online Services Manager advised  that our project team is already working on this enhancement.

Nonetheless, we acknowledge the inconvenience you encountered. Let us assure you that the project team continues to pursue all outstanding problems and to improve on the design and functionality of our website; to deliver an experience that customers have come to expect of us. Please bear with us while rectifications and enhancements of our website are being carried out.

As a gesture of goodwill to make up for your disappointment, we would like to offer you 9780 Kris Flyer miles and we will arrange to credit it into your account (8092717525). This is equivalent to twice the original  eligible sector mileage from Singapore to Sydney on a Business Class fare. The miles can be used towards future upgrade and award redemption bookings but not status qualification.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Mr Faust. Once again, please accept our apologies on this occasion. We look forward to serving you better in future.

Yours sincerely

Yvette Lee
Customer Affairs Manager
Singapore Airlines
Tel: +65-6541-5100