Fraud Investment & Investment Fund Scams

Are you a fund manager? Do you own your own fund? Is your firm one of the worlds most successful when it comes to fund investments? Are you aware of fraud investment mirror scams?

Then you should read most certainly on…

Fraud Investment Scams Explanation

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FLSS Winning The Fight Against Investment Fund Scams & Fraud Investments

Lately FLSS have noticed an increase in mirror scams (fraud investments). What is a mirror scam?  It’s a situation in which criminals setup a corporate identity complete with office and staff that mimics an existing investment company or any other type of successful International Corporation…

They go as far as even registering corporate identities with almost exact names to that of the legitimate funds. In some cases exact names.

The mirror company’s only objective is to canvass potential investors, and gain the potential investors trust, by using YOUR facts, figures and public image. The potential investor becomes sold on the idea that they are dealing with YOUR organization, and then when the confidence is won, the scam takes place.

Don’t be surprised to learn that these fraudulent investment mirror companies are very good at what they do, with fancy offices, facts and figures that are recorded to be true, after all, they are YOUR facts and figures.

Past trades and current trade trends always reflect the true situation, so when the unsuspecting victims does do a little home work on his cold calling canvasser, the information he/she has been told is always true and correct. Thus the confidence has been attained from the potential investor and the scam becomes a ‘given’.

Fraud Investment Scams Protection

Well what can be done about Fraud Investment Fund Scams?

FLSS have been specializing in hunting down these fraudulent investment companies for more than 11 years now. Bringing the people behind the scene to justice, and putting them out of business.  Clearing up any misconception the public might have on YOUR COMPANY, thus restoring good faith.

Yes, I have heard it so many times before, “the police or other authorities can handle it”. Sure they can in certain sovereign jurisdictions, but not across international borders.

Why FLSS? Because FLSS can save you time, money and ultimately your image. Don’t let your company’s reputation be tarnished because of a fraud investment mirror scam.

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