WARNING: The following are comments by Christian PW Faust!

These are personal views and are not directed at any one individual or race, the comments are not intended to ignite any form of racism or hatred, rather the comments are to indicate the willingness of individuals such as myself to express views of solidarity as members of the human race….


It has been in my writings since 1984, when I said that Germany would reunite, at the time people thought I was crazy, but in October 1989 the Berlin wall came tumbling down. At the time I also said that the USA would head for a great recession and depression lasting a decade or more, and ultimately lead to a possible world war.

I stressed that these things could be changed, if the right implementations within the US system were undertaken, but if not, it would be evident that the USA would crumble financially and economically, this is clearly starting to happen, and if fiscal policies are not undertaken, the USA will become a financial slave to China.

I also said and wrote at the time that China will become a great financial dragon, becoming the worlds greatest power anyone has ever seen (financially speaking), however, as China grows disproportionately, it distributes it’s ever growing wealth unevenly. This will cause the great China Dragon to politically collapse.

The under privileged and poorer provinces that will not gain from China’s massive and rapid growth will revolt and slowly economically founded instability will take place. The end result, China will be no more as we know it, it will like the former soviet union become a number of splinter groups of nations, then it will prosper again, and the USA, will regain its political and financial influence on the world, leading to stability and slow but defiant growth globally.

The things to watch out for, as we have seen in the middle east, is a rapid change is ASIA, the reunification of the two Korea’s, the sovereignty of Palestine, and Taiwan and the political and economic awakening of the Philippines.

But don’t take my word for it, just look at the history of the past 1000 years, how often sovereign boarders have shifted due to mainly economic strain… What’s my wish… for the re-emergence of PRUSSIA, after all wasn’t it illegally annex twice to be where it is today…..


I always say our problems lay in our broader views, take a person from every race, from every nation, past and present, from every source of religion and belief, from every skin tone colour, male and female from each, and add yourself, line them all up in a straight line, make a slight cut on their finger including your own, what colour is the blood?, ….wow it’s RED all around each and every one of us.

The moral of the story, despite our obvious difference, we do all come from the same source, we are all inhabitants of this wonderful planet we call earth, as such we should learn to prosper, equally, share and work together, so that all will have an equal slice of the pie. After all I cannot see any boarders from the space station…..same colour blood, same earth, same universe……