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Are you a fund manager? Do you own your own fund? Is your firm one of the worlds most successful when it comes to fund investments? Are you aware of fraud investment mirror scams?

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Fraud Investment Scams Explanation

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Lately FLSS have noticed an increase in mirror scams (fraud investments). What is a mirror scam?  It’s a situation in which criminals setup a corporate identity complete with office and staff that mimics an existing investment company or any other type of successful International Corporation…

They go as far as even registering corporate identities with almost exact names to that of the legitimate funds. In some cases exact names.

The mirror company’s only objective is to canvass potential investors, and gain the potential investors trust, by using YOUR facts, figures and public image. The potential investor becomes sold on the idea that they are dealing with YOUR organization, and then when the confidence is won, the scam takes place.

Don’t be surprised to learn that these fraudulent investment mirror companies are very good at what they do, with fancy offices, facts and figures that are recorded to be true, after all, they are YOUR facts and figures.

Past trades and current trade trends always reflect the true situation, so when the unsuspecting victims does do a little home work on his cold calling canvasser, the information he/she has been told is always true and correct. Thus the confidence has been attained from the potential investor and the scam becomes a ‘given’.

Fraud Investment Scams Protection

Well what can be done about Fraud Investment Fund Scams?

FLSS have been specializing in hunting down these fraudulent investment companies for more than 11 years now. Bringing the people behind the scene to justice, and putting them out of business.  Clearing up any misconception the public might have on YOUR COMPANY, thus restoring good faith.

Yes, I have heard it so many times before, “the police or other authorities can handle it”. Sure they can in certain sovereign jurisdictions, but not across international borders.

Why FLSS? Because FLSS can save you time, money and ultimately your image. Don’t let your company’s reputation be tarnished because of a fraud investment mirror scam.

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Russia, July 2011, Thailand, Oct 5, 2011

Russia, July 2011:

SURGUTNEFTEGA is a Russian company associated closely to Vladimir Putin. One of the minority share holders is HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT which has publicly accused Lieutenant Colonel Artem Kuznetsov of the Ministry of Interior in a massive fraud against it.

Kuznetsov is also being investigated by the Moscow Criminal Police Division for the alleged murder of a Hermitage Capital Management’s Lawyer, one Sergi Magnitsky, who had been allegedly killed after being arrested by Kuznetsov.

Magnitsky was found dead on the 16th November 2009 at Butyrka prison. Kuznetsov is alleged to be involved or closely connected to a Ukrainian crime syndicate.

KUZNETSOV is also alleged to be closely associated privately to PUTIN, who is, as it is widely known now running for re-election in Russia.

Thailand,  October 5, 2011:

The Thai Finance Ministry and the Bank of Thailand will not be looking at accessing Thailand foreign reserves in order to establish Thailand first national sovereign wealth fund.

Thailand foreign reserves under foreign management are estimated to be just over 180 Billion US Dollars.

Thailand seems to be switching from focused investment in low yield government bonds to that of high performance assets.

This decision will have a positive impact on inflation and short termed interest rates. Target for the new wealth fund will be well beyond the 100 Billion US Dollar mark.


International Data-Base, Litigation & Court Database:


FLSS Global Offices and Staff

FLSS maintains the world’s most updated, comprehensive and exclusive international data-base, litigation & court database to search for court records that are absolutely critical to its clients.

This ability in association with their associated legal research capabilities and investigation techniques allows FLSS to do real-time litigation searches. While they search for court records and perform complex corporate investigations, simultaneously in more than 80 countries world-wide…

FLSS believes establishing that a company or certain individual has been to court is one thing, but it’s simply NOT enough to complete any checklist for due diligence. That’s why FLSS recognizes the need to ascertain full transcripts and in-depth information to any relevant court case (using their litigation, court database & international data-base combined) where legally possible.

FLSS – Fast, Accurate Search of Court Records:

Click on the image below to see a full length checklist for due diligence sample report:

FLSS understands that time is of the essence and that accuracy is essential to any search for court records.

While FLSS litigation and court database searches and reports aim to be the most reliable that their clients can depend on, they also acknowledge and warn that privacy laws differ in each country…

As such, various legal strategies need to be accessed and adopted prior to performing any litigation search, search for court records or corporate investigation.

FLSS also like to inform their clients that while they believe the information to be accurate and reliable, the possibility of human or mechanical error must always be considered in the evaluation.

No litigation or court database search, international data-base search or information provider anywhere in the world can offer a 100% guarantee. Anyone who claims that ability is grossly mistaken in their own ability.

FLSS Offers You Three Major Advantages:

You could say FLSS wrote the book on the ‘due diligence definition’, and unlike their competitors, FLSS has three major advantages in their service ability (un-matched anywhere).

FLSS Global Offices and Staff

The first being that they don’t telephone or cold canvass information directly from their targeted subject(s), who often exaggerate their own worth and ability…

They conduct discreet behind the scenes investigations, collecting and profiling valuable intelligence necessary in any assessment.

Secondly, FLSS have an exclusive comprehensive contemporary legal and profile database, unlike any other search facility in the world. Their database list is compiled almost in its entirety from every court case list in specific countries and regions that complement their corporate and individual intelligence database(s) which are specific to target markets.

Thirdly, their staff are trained in the most advanced investigations methods, researching and profiling techniques. This allows FLSS clients to benefit from an extensive 30-year experience in legal research, investigations and background checks.

The following are a few examples in real life situations as to how FLSS can benefit, HEDGE FUNDS, FUNDS OF FUNDS AND FUND MANAGERS; MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS, CAPITAL VENTURERS AND INVESTORS or anyone else who has the need to access sensitive but critical information:

Mr.Ramón Báez Figueroa was the former president of Banco Intercontinental which was located in the  Dominican Republic. He was responsible for being the mastermind in a banking fraud scandal, which accumulated losses of more than $ 2.2 billion US.

Figueroa was arrested May 15, 2003 with his co-accused Marcos Báez Cocco and Vivian Lubrano de Castillo, the secretary of the Board of Directors, Jesús M. Troncoso, and financer Luis Alvarez Renta. The charges included bank fraud, money laundering and concealing information from the government.

During the court hearing it was revealed that the fraud involved debt write-offs , sweetheart loans or other financial deals which favored leading politicians and various elite business entities.

Samuel Israel III DOB: 20th July 1959 was a hedge fund manager for the fraudulent Bayou Hedge Fund Group.

Exactly How FLSS Can Protect It’s Clients:

Nicholas (Nick) Leeson  was a derivatives broker who specialized in fraudulent, unauthorized speculative trading. His actions and fraudulent activities were directly responsible for the collapse of Barings Bank.

Leeson had worked at private Courts and Morgan Stanley before he finished off Barings. Leeson had been General Manager of a new operation in futures markets on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX)…

Had FLSS performed a routine search on Leeson, as it does for many of its global clients, it would have been revealed that Leeson had been denied a broker’s license in the U.K.

Bernard (Bernie) Lawrence Madoff, the American stockbroker, investor, investment advisor and former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market was responsible for one of the largest discovered Ponzi schemes in the world. He started his scheme in the 1990’s which ran undiscovered for decades…

FLSS investigations would have revealed that Madoff’s affiliated companies were channeling massive amounts of money to Jeffry Picower,  FLSS would have also discovered that payments for alleged fees and charges were being made to J.P. Morgan Chase to the tune of around 1 Billion US.

FLSS Global Offices and Staff

Had a complete assessment been made on a regular basis of Madoff’s stock records with the Depository Trust Company, then Madoff’s Ponzie Scheme would have been discovered much earlier than it had.

FLSS believe that the close association and friendship of powerful individuals such as SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro and SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter should have been examined on a regular basis…

Not in effort to establish any culpability of members of the SEC, but rather whether Madoff was manipulating their position.

How could this have been discovered by FLSS? By assessing and establishing Madoff’s personal characteristics on how he interacted with others. Especially with those in positions of authority where there could have been a danger of him being discovered…

It’s a process FLSS specializes in and uses in their Advanced checklist for Due Diligence process. The profiling is very similar to that of profiling regular criminal activity, such as in profiling multiple killers for example. However in this situation it would have been tailored for a specific purpose, that being to discover possible white-collar fraud by Madoff.

Secure Your Future With FLSS Today:

FLSS will tackle the delicate, discreet background checks, the litigation, court database, international data-base search for court records, the assessments and profiling of associations between one party and another.

An Investigation Is A Search For The Truth