The only company to use for local and international litigation                 court searches and other document retrievals

Specialized litigation and court record searches

Why consider using FLSS

FLSS have their own exclusive court records database to support all international litigation searches. The database which was commenced in January 2000 and is updated daily with approximately 400,000 entries, holds more than 180 Million criminal and civil court records from more than 40 countries.  No other private company can provide that coverage.    

Business Due Diligence
If your company is considering going into a business relationship with another entity then a litigation search can provide crucial background information for peace of mind in any due diligence.
Background Screening Companies
As part of any pre-employment screening due diligence process. From litigation searches to document verification

Government Departments 
As part of any due diligence process.

Lawyers & Law Firms
FLSS international searches, is a good cost-effective starting point to see if a plaintiff or defendant has any other pending actions in any other jurisdictions. 
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